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WER031, October 2017

WER021 This Difficult Tree
Double Sun

Silvan Jeger bass, vocals, shrutibox, composition
Silvan Schmid trumpet
Frantz Loriot viola
Vincent Glanzmann drums


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The quartet of the Zurich based bass player and singer Silvan Jeger connects roots and branches of song type and world music with jazz and free improvisation. Resembling a gnarled tree that sprawls in all directions, strangely flourishing, bearing unusual fruit. The compositions are positioned like sculptures and objects in a white cube – however, they are held together by the sound of the group’s members who act as subtle bonsai-botanics and yet brave woodchoppers.
The debut "Double Sun" outlines in its artwork the materiality and the two-sidedness of the medium. The Zurich based artist Jonas Etter uses a grinding machine on the printed typography which doesn’t offer a clear front or rear side, bringing forth a serial of 300 different and therefore unique cover artworks.

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This Difficult Tree