Wide Ear Records is a platform from musicians for musicians. We are a self run organisation in order to help each other and to bring knee¬≠weakening, butt¬≠kicking, high quality music to the listener. Till now we are mostly representing the current vibrant Swiss scene but are also well connected to other European scenes. Since WER is about quality, initiative, responsibility and inspiration amonst others, we guarantee that our products reflect the artist's vision in the most authentic way.

Who we are:
Alex Huber
David Meier
Tobias Meier

Contact us

Wide Ear Records
Zug 6300

info (at) wideearrecords.ch

Where to buy our records

Our Records are distributed and available in your local store through Nova MD. Additionally you can get them on Bandcamp and on Subradar.no. Thank you for your support!