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WER027, May 2017

3 [42:02] Live

Tobias Meier alto saxophone
Yves Theiler piano & synth
David Meier drums


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Tobias Meier, Yves Theiler and David Meier call their 3rd record as Things to Sounds simply «3». It’s an unaltered 42-minute live-recording full of tension from start to finish. Highly energetic and dense textures stand next to carefully placed filigree actions - this trio’s range of expression goes from east to west, from the sky into the ground, without ever losing intensity. In the encompassing vocabulary that Things to Sounds has developed since their first release in 2010, the quest is always about the moment in which everything becomes life and experience.

Album Credits

Recorded at Limmitationes Festival, Austria, 14th May 2016 by Iztok Zupan
Mixed & Mastered by Alex Huber
Design by Adeline Mollard & Lena Thomaka
Produced by Things to Sounds
Published by WideEarRecords

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