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WER026, März 2017

ONE (for [your name] only)

Alfred Zimmerlin cello
Flo Stoffner guitar
David Meier drums


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Letting loose is the driving force of this comprehensive generational trio that jettisons and unleashes, with symbiotically spontaneous reactions and a delicate feel for what the music offers in the moment, the yet to be heard.
In this formation the three daring improvisationalists fare range from atonal, expressive chamber music to a multilayered onomatopoeia captured as an interplay breathing between density and lightness.

Album Credits

Recorded by Gaspar Pahud at Zoo Studio, Bern, 21 & 22 October 2016.
Mixing by Gaspar Pahud.
Mastering by Tomas Korber.
Artwork by Urs Althaus.
Produced by ZSM.
Published by WideEarRecords.

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