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WER005, March 2012


Tobias Meier alto sax, clarinet
Rafael Schilt tenor sax, bass clarinet
Raffaele Bossard bass, composition
Alex Huber drums

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Heaven and Earth

As some may think of this life and the afterlife or the yin and yang dichotomy, listeners who have a penchant for rustic regional specialties may also think of Westphalian pudding, potatoes, onions and apples. Heaven and earthare antagonisms. Where the earth ends is relatively clear. But where does the sky?
In its best moments, Jazz can combine a down-to-earth feeling together with romantic idealism and make it one. This is what bandleader and Bassist Raffaele Bossard is looking for in his music and musicians, when he was putting together his bandJunction Box: "Drummer Alex Huber and myself are more the earthy types, dedicated to the groove. Saxophonists/clarinetists Tobias Meier and Rafael Schilt fly over these grooves." This combination of gnomes and air fairies creates enthusiastic flashes of inspiration - and sometimes even music for the witching hour.

Bossard travelled to Berlin and New York where he found time and muse to compose music that is full of spirit and leaves plenty of room for improvisations. Most of the pieces were written in the night (witching hour!) after Bossard had returned from concerts and jam sessions to his temporary refuge in the big cities, where he could let his imagination run free. Many of the tunes were refined collectively to create a beautifully weighted balance of structure and freedom."

All compositions by Raffele Bossard (Suisa). Recorded September 10th & 11th 2011 at Studio du Flons, Lausanne by Benoit Corboz. Mixed and mastered by Andy Neresheimer. Artwork by Kristina Bossard. Graphic Design by Regula Meier. Produced by Raffaele Bossard

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