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WER023, März 2017

WER021 dQtç

Lionel Friedli / drums
Vincent Membrez / Minimoog + Pro One + electronics
Antoine Läng / voice + electronics


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OCTOGON is the second album of dQtç and refers to both octogon and figure eight as directions to the artwork and musical compositions on this release.
The music was originally improvised by the trio, then edited, sometimes cut and reshaped, into 9 tracks and 72 minutes of music, the eight first tracks being 64 minutes of music containing free improvisations and post-produced asymetric pattern loops. This puzzle has inspired the artwork that refers to the octogon as geometric form as well as a Euopean post-W.W.II political scandal known as "the Octogon Trust". More than an hommage to conspiracy-theories and over-interpretative type of relationships to reality that lead to constantly rewrite, OCTOGON explores ways to deal with free improvisation in a recording process, the passage of music from anyhow to somehow, the result as a musical document and strategies to pursue the creative process further, like an investigation following leads provided by the music, drawing analogies and strong connection with other domains, to make sense and poetry from chaotic randomness.

Album Credits

Recording by Antoine Petroff @ le Silo / Renens CH
Mixing and Mastering by Xavier Dromard @ Blend Studio / Lutry CH
Artwork and design by Thomas Perrodin

Vinyl release:
MasterCut by Adi Flucks @ CentralDubs / Bern CH
Screen Print by les Belges @ les Belges / Meynier CH

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